Cream, Balm, Extract: Which CBD Form Is Right for You?

There are seemingly endless ways to enjoy CBD’s potential therapeutic benefits, from creams to extracts, each with its own pros and cons. To determine which CBD form is right for you, let’s explore the differences between creams, balms, and extracts.

Benefits of Our CBD Products

Our unique CBN-M Rest/Sleep formula contains Organic CBN, full-spectrum hemp, a concentrated ratio of medicinal mushroom extract (Reishi 16:1 equivalent 3200mg), and pure L-Theanine. Early research indicates that CBN contains antibiotic properties and may help relieve pain, treat insomnia, inflammation, appetite loss, glaucoma, and much more.

In addition, L-Theanine, an amino acid in green tea, has been shown to affect brain functions by relieving stress disorders, improving mood, and maintaining normal sleep.

For a more brain-boosting blend, choose the CBG-M Calm Focus, which along with the Organic CBG, contains full-spectrum hemp, concentrated ratio of medicinal mushroom extracts (Lions Mane 8:1 equivalent 1200mg, Cordyceps 10:1 equivalent 500mg) and pure L-Theanine derived from green tea. CBG’s medicinal properties help fight inflammation, pain, and nausea and have also been shown to slow cancer cell proliferation. 


Of all the CBD forms, creams are the best way to target specific problem areas needing relief. These products are most often used for their potential to treat dry skin, rashes, bites, scars, joint discomfort, jaw discomfort, muscle soreness, and swelling. 

Our CBD cream is full spectrum, meaning you won’t just enjoy the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD but also all the various compounds in the hemp plant. Just apply to problem areas as needed.


Balms and creams may seem nearly identical, but at least one distinctive difference is that balms do not contain water, while creams do. The thicker consistency of a balm provides a protective layer over the skin, making it particularly useful for treating various skin conditions. 

Our Full-Spectrum CBD balm is lavender scented and offers the same topical function as a CBD cream, providing potential relief from issues like muscle soreness and swelling. They also serve to moisturize the skin.


Extracts are essentially CBD in liquid form, offering the potential therapeutic benefits of the cannabinoid in a simple dropper bottle. One of the most significant benefits of this form of CBD is its versatility — you can add your extract to a favorite drink or food, apply it topically, or drop some under your tongue.

Our Full-Spectrum CBD extract is citrus-scented and combined with MCT oil. Potential benefits include treatment for swelling, muscle soreness, joint discomfort, sleep conditions, stress relief, increased focus and energy, and improved mental clarity.

What Form of CBD Is Most Effective?

Many newcomers to CBD tend to ask questions like “Is CBD more effective orally or topically?” In reality, there is no one correct answer. It all depends on your specific needs.

If you want targeted relief, consider a balm or a cream. If you want versatility in your CBD product, an extract is one of the best CBD forms.

No matter which option you choose, you will get the full benefits of CBD, which due to its relation to improving cognitive performance, it’s classified as a nootropic compound. CBD’s therapeutic properties have been known to protect brain cells and help with anxiety, depression, stress, sleep, and addiction.

Shop CBD Products with Urth Remedies

Whether you have a specific ailment or you are seeking a more balanced and healthy life, Urth Remedies has the perfect CBD solution for you. Discover the difference with Urth Remedies, offering full-spectrum products for a more holistic and sustainable approach to hemp. Explore our shop today to learn more.

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