Full-Spectrum Hemp

Our hemp plants are grown exclusively outdoors in nutrient-rich soil. Typical CBD products contain only one strain of CBD. We extract the full profile of 100+ cannabinoid strains, terpenes, phenolics and a trace amount of THC that is non-psychoactive. All these active compounds team up and help the cannabinoids function even better together, also known as “the entourage effect,” resulting in a highly potent product with maximum benefits.

Medicinal Mushroom Blend

Dozens of superfoods have been identified for healthy living, from olive oil, to leafy greens, to acai. While medicinal mushrooms have been a staple in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, in the Western world, they are quickly gaining popularity due to their inherent benefits impacting the bodies immune system and energy levels. We created a signature non-psychoactive, adaptogenic Medicinal Mushroom Blend of organic Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps as the ultimate sidekick for your wellness routine. Combined with our premium organic CBD, we have created a superior adaptogenic power blend.


We believe consumers have a right to verify everything they buy and put in their bodies. We can trace each of our products back to the source. Each batch of Urth Remedies contains a Certificate of Analysis QR code so you know your purchase is completely safe and reliable.

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