CBD & Workout Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

cbd for workout recovery

No matter how fit or how long you’ve been committed to regular exercise, muscle soreness is always only one intense workout away and can slow you down for the next few days. 

While that soreness is generally a good indication that you got the job done, that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant to deal with, and it can even prevent you from keeping up your workout routine.

Fortunately, some all-natural remedies can speed up healing and reduce muscle soreness during your fitness journey. One of these remedies is CBD

But, how exactly does CBD reduce sore muscles and promote workout recovery? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about CBD and workout recovery.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that can be found in abundance in both the cannabis and hemp plants. Studies have shown that CBD may offer various benefits, including discomfort relief, help with sleep issues, reduced worry, and muscle soreness relief.

How Does CBD Reduce Muscle Soreness?

Many studies have shown CBD’s ability to decrease swelling, and many of them have returned promising results. Inflammation and swelling are a big part of your soreness after an intense workout. The swelling-reducing properties of CBD may help alleviate that soreness so that you recover quicker.

Does CBD Speed Up Healing?

Beyond simply relieving the discomfort of sore muscles, there are also some ways in which CBD can help you recover more quickly so you can get back in the gym and stay consistent with your workout regimen. 

One of the ways CBD speeds up healing is the same way it reduces muscle soreness — its anti-swelling properties. Inflammation of the muscles can cause damage to healthy muscle tissue, so reducing that inflammation can prevent this issue and allow your body to get back to 100% quickly. 

Another way that CBD can improve your recovery time is by helping you get better sleep. Your muscles get the most recovery while you sleep. That’s why sleep is crucial to recovery, whether from an injury or a workout.

Should I Take CBD Before or After a Workout?

This is an interesting question because, as anyone who has pushed themselves to the limit during a workout can attest, the real muscle soreness doesn’t usually kick in until two days after a workout. This phenomenon is known as delayed onset muscle soreness, and it can lead you to believe that the best time to take that CBD is that second day. However, that’s not necessarily the case. 

Taking CBD before a workout can help to relax your muscles so they don’t get so sore in the days following your visit to the gym. Taking CBD after a workout can help to reduce the swelling that is likely to occur even if you took CBD beforehand. In other words, both before and after can be great options.

Need CBD for Your Next Workout?

To reduce muscle soreness and speed up your recovery, shop our online store for fantastic all-natural solutions to help give your body what it needs for a safe and effective post-workout recovery. 


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